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Παρασκευή, 15 Αυγούστου 2014


Tasteful Crete  Discover the fresh, pure olive oil,  garlic, fresh herbs, wines, breads, and fresh pick up vegetables. We want to emulate a lifestyle where food, wine, and family meals are very important things and where time and care go into preparing food and eating. When you return from your travels, what do you recall? The sights, sounds, smells, taste. Travellers and adventurers realize that the cuisine of a culture is often one of its most revealing treasures. We designed this tour so that our guests can immerse themselves more fully in the culture of Crete and the treasure of its food.
The  Authentic Cretan Cuisine
…..Inhabited by strange but warm, proud and friendly people…
For centuries Cretans apprenticed the ART of hospitality. They have now become Masters of this ART. Be prepared for a strong sense of daily life and for truly warm hospitality. Know the mysteries of a wonderful and hospitable land. Cretans are the hosts; you are the guest of honour!
Feel the meaning of family, relations so strong, so real!
Crete a la carte…
7 Days Culinary Tour in Crete with Accommodations, All Meals, Culinary Classes and Excursions