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Τρίτη, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2014



Grape Spoon Sweet, called Stafyli Glyko
Crete is known for the grape spoon sweets and the raisins!
Spoon sweets, are one of the Mediterranean’s healthiest sweets - as have no fat - served the traditional way, offered to guests served by the teaspoon in a small porcelain or  crystal dish with cold water as a gesture of hospitality!

Made with simple, natural ingredients that transform them into something entirely new, exciting, and delicious. The fruit remain firm and sit in a nice pool of syrup thick enough to coat a spoon.
They are also an excellent match, Greek yogurt,

The following recipe for grape spoon sweet is a specialty of Crete... But whether or not you’ve been to Crete, you can appreciate the rich taste of grape spoon sweets by making them for yourself at your kitchen.

1000g grapes (sultana kind)
1000g sugar
1 cup water (enough to cover grapes and sugar)
2 springs of “amberosa” (aromatic plant) called rose geranium or if you cannot find this plant vanilla
1/2  a lemon juice

Separate the grapes, remove the stems, wash and drain them
Place the grapes in a pot, the sugar and water

Boil till the syrup binds.

Deep the amberosa leafs or the vanillas stick for 10 minutes in the boiling grapes

Few minutes before is done add the lemon juice (lemon juice is for not allow the sweet be sugared later)

As soon as is done, 

store the desert into clean glass jars and seal tight. Keep jars at a cool place or in the fridge

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